September 23rd, 2010

this is more than my road to redemption

icon tutorial: 004 feat. fernando llorente

•icon tutorial 004: vivid coloring
»so, i figured it’s time for another tutorial; I’ve been gone long enough! It’s, yet again, not one that’s terribly hard to make, the tricky thing with it is that this specific type of coloring might be hard to apply to just any icon. It’s much about the original image’s cropping and your sense of placement. But never mind, I’m just here to lay out the grounds for you, not do the actual icons, haha! I hope you guys enjoy.

coloring 004: feat fernando llorente
program/translatable: icon done in photoshop cs4 extended, and the original one includes a selective coloring layer, but it's not really all that necessary. so should work in gimp, psp etc etc without that!
.psd: if requested. :)
difficulty: 9 steps, i'd say easy, actually. the steps isn't the hard part, this tutorial requires you having great patience though, so only really that.

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