October 17th, 2010

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a little screencapping help

So, I downloaded KMPlayer about a week ago and so far it's been great. I looked in the memories and about as far back in the tags as I could and I haven't found a question similar to the one I've had in mind for a while. Anyway, I was just wondering what would be the recommended frame extraction time for the different formats such as:

Half-hour TV Show
Hour Long TV Show
Average Length Movie

For the record, I typically use frames per minute when capping.
First post here. Hope this question makes sense.

About a glowing effect?

Hello, everyone.


There`s a certain effect that I`ve seen on a lot of icons whenever lurking around, but I`m not too sure how to do it myself..

I`ve tried a couple of times, but never achieved the effect that I wanted. I`m thinking I might`ve been doing it wrong (I thought it was a brush effect, but maybe not. If it is, I`m absolutely positive that I`m doing it wrong.) , and I haven`t (yet) found a tutorial for it.
Or maybe I searched it wrong..


1st icon - arlequin
2nd icon - gatherxroses 
3rd icon- jiiin

It`s the "glowing circles" in the pictures that I was wondering about. I`m currently using Photoshop CS2

If anyone could please help me with it, I`d be really grateful to you.

Thank you!



(By the way, my apologies if it`s under the wrong tag. I wasn`t too sure which tag to put it under, since I`m not familiar with the effect.)


Hey everyone I am new to this place and I just love this place its a fantastic place I saw many of the tutortials here and everyone is very helpful and sweet.

I have some problems with making animations, I use photoshop cs3 when I open a video in photoshop cs3 it says cant open more than 500 frames and that  means if videos are like 2 min, 3 min, 4 min etc... than it will only open 500 frames which is like 1 minute or so and then I wont get the rest of the frames! so I always have to cut the videos and then opload them on a convert site and then download them etc.. its a very long process and it takes a lot of time so I really hope that someone can help me so the process becomes much easier, I want to know how you guys do it when you download videos etc... when you want to make animations.

hope someone can help me