November 16th, 2010


Archiving and fonts


I've been following this com for some time and made an animated .gif using the tutorials and advice I've found here. (Thanks for that, by the way.) Now I have a problem - I don't know where to archive it. I need it to be private, because I want to use it as banner promoting the new community I've been setting up and I don't want anyone using it for something else.

Flickr does not support animated .gifs and I cannot figure out PhotoBuckets privacy policies (my album is set to private, but I can see it when I'm logged out).

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, the .gif I made is not exactly what I wanted. For the IDEAL banner I'd need to make fonts that'd fit with those, but I'm new to digital art and am quite sure that it would take me quite some time should I try to make them myself. So, my question is, maybe one of you knows of such fonts already existing?

Thanks in advance,