November 23rd, 2010

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CS4 smoothing issues.

I did a full system wipe and have just reinstalled Photoshop CS4, now when I export my photographs from lightroom as jpegs to resize, sharpen etc they've been automatically smoothed over, all the grain detail is gone entirely like a filter has been run but I have none installed so is there any reason it should be automatically doing this?
Original lightroom copy shown smaller / smoothed photoshop copy larger.
any help appreciated.
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Photoshop help

I have a problem with my Photoshop Cs2, the colour in my photoshop seems rather odd, I mean what should be "white" becoming "off white or rather cream color", but when it's saved to image for web, the white show as it should be..and I find it annoying because I'm in the middle of colouring..
how can I make the colour right ? and I already pick the colour with #ffffff for white..
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I wonder why is it.. =___= , thank you
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Saving a .gif

Quick question.

When you are done with your gif what's the best way to save it?

I don't really mind about the weight because it's a header with a gift inside and while doing it on photoshop it looks great, shiny and all but then when I saved it, it got all grainy and pixelated...

I didn't change anything on the settings, just clicked on "Salvar para Web y dispositivos" which in english I guess it would translate to something like "Save to Web and dispositives". And then just clicked on Save without changing anything should I have changed something?

I'm working on Photoshop CS3