December 2nd, 2010

Halo - Starside

Gimp: Adjusting frame rate?

The icon I'm using in this post is the one I'm trying to edit. I want it to go a little faster...

Obviously, I can do this by cutting out some layers, which I've seen discussed here, but there're only so many I can cut before it starts looking choppy.

I'm new to Gimp, but not to photo editors. I've found a screen or two that references the frame rate, but they either A) don't go past 100/sec or B) go up to 250/sec BUT only work for settings in the preview box.

Am I missing something? Or is the only way to speed up a gif through cutting the layers down?

i don't know what to call this effect but i really dig it.

 Hey, this is my first post here. For a while now, I've wanted to do an icon like this but I can't seem to manage.

I have the textures but what I'm looking for is a tutorial or some advice on how to shrink (resize) the picture I want to use so it can fit the texture as seamlessly as the one in the example as well as how to delete the background of the picture so it blends with the texture. I hope that makes sense. :[

- I use Photoshop 8
- Any of the pictures here is what I want to use for the icon if it makes a difference.
- Credit for the icon example: EXPOSE42 / ANOTHER_TRAUMA

Thanks in advance!