December 10th, 2010

narnia: [lucy] blue texture

Text on Gifs

Can someone please explain to me [in detail, preferably] how to put text on gifs that doesn't show up on all the slides and only a select few? Like if I wanted to have a gif of someone staring and then saying something without those words being on it the entire time.

I use PS CS3 and whenever I try to make a gif and put text on only one section of it, it shows up on all the slides. I've tried erasing it, putting the layers in folders, etc but I can't figure it out.

I'd love it if someone could help me out with that [and possibly how to have alternating text; like a conversation, if you will, on gifs and not just one sentence].

animated menu problem

I have a problem... I'm learning to make gifs and animated icons... I have cs5 and cs3... In cs5 I get the normal animation menu.. men cs3 is totally different... problem is that I dont like using cs5... I'm more comfortable with cs3... anyone know how I can get the normal menu options in cs3? 

this is what my menu looks like;