December 20th, 2010

Stretching the background of an image?

I honestly don't know what to call this and I saw a tutorial like this before but I can't find it anymore.
I would love if someone were to help me achieve this effect;

Also, on a forum like this, how do you make the picture show in a post instead of a URL like above? I've tried using all of the codes tinypic gave me but I still can't seem to make it show as a picture and not a URL. :/

S O L V E D. Thank you. <3
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New Icon Tutorial

I was asked how to create a certain effect I'd used with one of my more recent icons, so I thought I would share the complete tutorial here.

How to go
from to

Please note, I created this using Paint Shop Pro 9 and am working on the assumption that, even if you use another program, you will already have a fairly good grasp on how to add layers, copy images, and so forth. But if you get stuck and have any questions, I'll be more than happy to help out! This should be easily translated into other art programs.

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using textures.

 Hello, I use simple textures in order to add colouring to my icon such as this:

 (credit: bttrfly_kiss )

but with more complicated textures such as:

 (I have forgotten where I got this from so if anyone recognises this please tell me so I can credit their beautiful work)

With which sort of icons would you use these and how would you incorporate them into the icon?

thank you :)
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LOST Tutorial

Requested by blondeboy69.

How to go from this and this to

(Created in Photoshop CS3. Translatable, I think; uses Curves and Color Balance, has a few optional Selective Color layers that are completely skippable. Tutorial is image-heavy and not at all concise.)

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Cross-posted to my icon community. Original icon can be found here. Please feel free to join/watch my icon community.