December 27th, 2010


Vintage ~decorative~ Style Tutorial

Hello there! Well this is my first post here. I hope I'm doing it well. if not please tell me.

I've read the rules of this group so at the end of the tutorial I'll put notes.

NOTE. This tutorial is a long image. [why? because livejournal keeps deleting all the stuff I write as soon as I type, so this is a copy and paste from my notes~]


Program: Photoshop CS5 but this tutorial works on CS+ I dunno if this works on older versions.
Using: lens flare + bokeh texture + 2 Gradients + 2 Fill layers. [it's easy]
Type: For All, no need a lot of acknowledge to do this kind of vintage icons. [I've explained everything]
PSD: Yes. if you want to see more detailed this tutorial.
Other. Sorry if I made any mistake.
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Thanks for your time. <3