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January 4th, 2011

Help me pleeeeeeease :)

I know this isn't exactly an icon question but this comm helps me with a ridunkulous amount of things and I was jsut qondering if anyone knew how to create these effects/what textures they are:

The swirly swishy brush texture on this image

The texture used at the bottom of this peice of epic art

Please delete this post if it's not allowed :P

Darkening effects

I have a question concerning techniques used to darken images before editing them (i.e., for icons/graphics). Most tutorials I use involve processes that brighten the image, and while skipping those steps is usually the easiest way to solve this problem, it doesn't always work. And sometimes, if the brightness isn't addressed, the desired effect for the icon doesn't come across :/

I've rarely found tutorials that involve darkening too bright images (and no, I am not asking for links to tutorials, mods).

What I'm asking for is techniques/explanations/recommendations on steps to help darken images that are too bright for some tutorials. I would like to learn how to do this. Do you use a Levels layer? A Curves layer? I don't need explanations on how to use Levels/Curves, but my problem is, I usually use those Adjustment layers to brighten the image, and it's hard (for me, personally) to take that knowledge and flip it to make an image darker. Not all images are the same, too.

I've been making icons for six years, but I'm still learning every time I put out a batch. I hate skipping images because I can't find a way to make them dark enough to look good using my coloring effects. I'd appreciate any advice/explanations you can offer on how to make images darker.

I use Photoshop CS2, by the way.

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