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January 20th, 2011

Is it possible to turn two .gifs into one?

Hello, everyone.

What I'm about to ask you is probably outrageously stupid and I'm sure that if I just think or google a little bit more, I'll be able to save you all the trouble of shaking your heads in wonder at it all, but it's -- *checks clock* -- 3:35 AM and I'm frustrated and in need of a quick fix. Will you bear with me?

So, okay. I have two gifs: One and two. Which is great, but I want to merge them into one gif file, so that the frames of .Gif Number Two play directly and seamlessly after those of .Gif number one.

I have no idea how to do this. I do however, have Photoshop CS5.

If you help me, I'll bake you brownies.

Raster Layers in Photoshop?

Can someone please explain the difference between this layer:

And this one:

Both are from a psd file and I THINK both are raster layers but what does the circled area mean if anything?

LOST Tutorial

Requested by somethingblue.

How to go from to

(Created in Photoshop CS3. Translatable, I believe; uses Curves, Color Balance, and Variations; no Selective Color. Tutorial is image-heavy.)

Rest here.Collapse )

ETA: I uploaded the images of this tutorial to Tinypic, but apparently some people are having trouble seeing them. I cross-posted to my own icon journal with Photobucket images instead for those who are having trouble with Tinypic. :)
Cross-posted to my journal. Original icon can be found here. Please feel free to join/watch my icon community.

Green Hornet Tut


Photoshop CS5
Difficulty: Easy
Translatable: I think so, though it uses selective coloring
Steps: 10

Tut, tut, tut...Collapse )


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