January 21st, 2011

Colors Not Right

For some reason when I upload my image anywhere the colors change quite a bit. They get darker and I have no idea how to fix this, I've tried uploading to photobucket and imageshack but the results are the same.
I've also tried changing the mode that photoshop is on. I searched around and it seems to have something to do with 'color space' and they say to save the image as sRGB or something instead of regular RGB, but photoshop doesn't have that, any ideas? (I don't have any way to show you what it SHOULD look like right now but this is the messed up result-


made by <lj user=wintervixen86>

Faded Image background question!

Hi, I was wonder if it's possible to fade an image onto a background, but still keep the image still visabley intact? I've tried it once before but I can't reamber how I did it. I use PSP 8, but I'll be downloading the CS5 trial soon. Thanks for anyones help ;)