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February 4th, 2011

Animated Rain Help

I don't know if theres already a post for this type of rain effect, but i want to learn how to make this animation.

Like this:                                                                       And/or this:

icon made by colleendetroit                              icon made by rainbowgraphics 

I have Gimp2 and Photoshop7

I'm still new to making my own animated icons. Simple instructions are much appreciated. :)

Open Type is a font format (it has the .OTF or .TTF extention). One of its perks is that single font file can contain additional designs for the same character, like the script font in the picture above. And that is what I'm going to tell about.

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Hopefully not a stupid question...

And hopefully not one I'll get in trouble for.

But could someone explain the difference between 'Opacity' and 'Fill'? Usually when I make icons, I always change the Opacity when I want to edit the effect a layer has, but sometimes, when I am trying a new tutorial, that person will change the Fill on a layer.

Is there a difference between the two? Does changing the % on one produce a different "effect" than if you changed it on the other?

I would assume so, but I honestly don't know. <3 Thank you for any obvious explanations.

Stargate Atlantis Tutorial

I was asked to write a tutorial for an icon that I entered for sga_icontest.

This tut shows you how to go from this to this: Photobucket

Made in PS CS5
Translatable? Yes - uses a curves layer and layer masks.
PSD? No!

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Help please

 Hey everyone

I have got Mac Book Pro and I am completely confused which program works on mac? I heard some say mac has installed a program in the laptop is it true? some said photoshop cs3 etc.. dont work on a mac can someone please help me how to get a photoshop program on a mac?

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