February 4th, 2011

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Animated Rain Help

I don't know if theres already a post for this type of rain effect, but i want to learn how to make this animation.

Like this:                                                                       And/or this:

icon made by colleendetroit                              icon made by rainbowgraphics 

I have Gimp2 and Photoshop7

I'm still new to making my own animated icons. Simple instructions are much appreciated. :)

Hopefully not a stupid question...

And hopefully not one I'll get in trouble for.

But could someone explain the difference between 'Opacity' and 'Fill'? Usually when I make icons, I always change the Opacity when I want to edit the effect a layer has, but sometimes, when I am trying a new tutorial, that person will change the Fill on a layer.

Is there a difference between the two? Does changing the % on one produce a different "effect" than if you changed it on the other?

I would assume so, but I honestly don't know. <3 Thank you for any obvious explanations.
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Help please

 Hey everyone

I have got Mac Book Pro and I am completely confused which program works on mac? I heard some say mac has installed a program in the laptop is it true? some said photoshop cs3 etc.. dont work on a mac can someone please help me how to get a photoshop program on a mac?