February 7th, 2011

Gif icon help!

So i'm trying to make gif icons with CS5 using this tutorial but i seem to be having issues getting the caps into my photoshop, when i click file>import>import>video frames to layers the caps (which are saved as JPEG files) they dont show up at all so i tried using "*.*" and they do show up but just as each image and i have to put each image into photoshop separately.

Anyone know how to work around this or what to do? I use CS5 and The KM player. (& explaining it too me like i am a toddler will probably help me more!)

Having Framing/Gif problems with photoshop

Okay so i'm trying to make an animated icon gif, heres an example icon of what i would like to make.

So i downloaded the KM Player and capped fairly easily and all my caps saved to a folder...

Then i opened my CS5 and went into Scripts > Load Files into stack.

Step one

Then i selected folder instead of each individual file...

Step Two

Then i clicked on the folder containing my screencaps

Step Three

And then all the files showed up, so i clicked ok

Step Four

And now as you can see, this is what i am left with, i do not get each frame showing up and when i click the "play" button it doesn't move at all. I'm completely lost = help!

Step Five


I dunno if I can ask this here, but I wonder if anyone knows how to create the smokey effect like in  Collapse )
I want to make icons out of these pictures but I'm also very curious of the smokey effect.
thanx in advance ^^
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