February 18th, 2011

PS issue?

Hello all, I don't think I've seen this issue here before, so if it has, I apologize! Every now and then when I use a tutorial PSD to try coloring on an icon, and drag a layer over, this happens (usually with a Curves or Color Balance layer:

Collapse )

What I'm doing is basically just moving the layer from the .PSD file to the icon I am trying to make, so I figure whatever the problem is has something to do with compatibility. But when I do, it turns the image white instead of applying the effects of said Curve or Color Balance layer and in my History palette it says "Drag Channel" instead of "Drag Layer" like it usually does when I drag something onto my current project.

Hopefully someone can clear up this issue for me. I'm sure it's something simple. Just really curious if there is a fix for it :) Thank you!
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