April 14th, 2011


Animations are saving way too slowly

Recently I've come across a problem in my icon making that I've never had before and I was hoping someone here could help.

No matter what the frame rate I set my animations as, the frame rate becomes incredibly slow when I save them. For example, a 0.1 second frame rate, once saved, will appear as a 30.0 second frame rate. But it doesn't need to be 0.1 because it does this with every frame rate.

I preview the animations before I save them and they look fine, but once saved, they're horrible. I thought maybe it was just because I was viewing them in a picture viewer, so I uploaded them to tinypic, and they were still just as slow. Viewing them in different browsers makes no difference as well, it is simply a problem with the gifs.

I use both Photoshop CS3 and Jasc Animation Shop 3, and they both do the exact same thing: preview fine but change the frame rate extremely slow once saved.

This has only happened very recently, like a week ago, and it's incredibly frustrating. I've googled and googled and some people have encountered the same problem but no one posted a solution. Please help!