April 16th, 2011



Hello this' my first post here, hope wont make any mistake. I use PS CS 3 extended, I have 2 questions :

1.  I want to learn how to coloring gif so i check this tutorial. Edit : That tutorial said i just need to open the video file like an usual file, but i only get blank layer & when i import the video to photoshop it shows nothing but this picture so i cant see the video & move on to the next steps. Is there any particular software i need to install ?
2. I see some tuts where they play with curving & said ex :
Curves: RGB
FIRST POINT - Input : 182, Output : 240
SECOND POINT - Input : xxx, Output : xxx
THIRD POINT - Input : xxx, Output : xxx
How do i make the 2nd & 3rd point ? (Sorry b'coz I'm still so new to this..)

Anyone can help me ? Will be waiting for replay. Thx :DD