May 30th, 2011

Animation: Pan and Zoom

I have a still image, which I would like to animate in a way that involves panning and zooming. One of my troubles is, I don't know what program to use. The still is in .svg format in Inkscape, which does not support animation at all but which can export .png's, which I know how to convert to most other common image formats. I have GIMP, but only a very little experience using it; I probably could do the animation in GIMP, but it would almost certainly take months of frustration to get exactly the right frames exported. I also downloaded Blender, on a friend's recommendation, but I'm finding the interface confusing and I'm not certain it would produce a result I like.

So, my question is twofold: what software do I want to use, and what method(s) would work within that software? Freeware is preferred, although I'll understand if everything that can do what I want costs money.