June 3rd, 2011

Making .gifs on CS5 with video files?

 Hi, I've been trying to create .gifs on Photoshop CS5, but I've had a few problems. For starters, when I click File>Import>Video Frames to Layers and try to find mpg4 files, they don't show up in the browse pop-up. I tried using an .avi file instead, and that can be found, but when I try to select the parts I want to cap it just comes up with a white box, and the frames are just blank white layers. I also tried capping my frames on the KM Player, uploading them to ImageReady and click Move to Photoshop, but it says it cannot move because Photoshop isn't responding, even though it's working fine? I usually use Photoshop CS2, but CS5 has vibrance layers that I wish to use. Any help would be lovely, thanks heaps in advance<3
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