June 8th, 2011

dair, gossip girl

How To: Auto-cap DVDs (and other video files) in KMPlayer

Okay, first off, I just made an LJ today. But I found this awesome community and figured I'd post my tutorial from Tumblr here as well. And I read the community rules, so hopefully this is okay to post. :) I understand that some of this has been answered already in comments of other posts, but I wanted to post this tutorial for anyone who wants to have a start-to-finish guide. Anyways, I wrote this tutorial because I had some people tell me that they didn't know how to take automatic screencaptures from their DVDs in KMPlayer without getting an error message, "Impossible to work at Superspeed Mode." One method is using VLC player, but that way is more complicated, so I'm gonna show you how to screencap DVDs from KMPlayer, which can be downloaded for free, here. :)

The Steps:
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