August 9th, 2011

(MKR) H&L - Give up forever~

Bypassing stupid KMPlayer messages~

Y'halo thar~

I'm just making a short post to clarify a situation I've seen happen too often (I've had problems with this kind of thing myself and the forums suck at actually giving an answer):

~screencapping in KMPlayer...or more specifically, trying to screencap and getting the message "impossible to work at super speed mode or there is no kmp transform filter"~

Now you could...try to modify settings, work your brains out fixing the issue and hope it works...or do the easy thing and get an older version of KMPlayer and never ever update it under penalty of feeling your brains dribble out your ears when KMP suddenly gives you THAT message again. ><;

The message formerly mentioned happens in the newest versions of this program but downloading, say, version (thank you my personal savior dragontatt for suggesting this in an older post - I owe you big time~! ♥) saves you the hassle of modifying any settings or getting in over your head.

It screencaps DVDs, AVIs etc etc. It screencaps while the video is paused or ongoing. in other words - heavenly gift! askldfgj!

version or you can just choose other older versions...but I can only guarantee for this one. ^^;

Toodles. ♥