September 8th, 2011

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Looking for an old(?) tutorial

So, this is probably a really bizarre request, but I'm practically at my wits end searching. I had to re-install my PS, and in the process lost my favorite and only custom brush that I use for everything.

Now, I remember where I found it; it was a tutorial, here, somewhere, and the person who used it was specific to mention that it was a really good brush to use for masking because it resembles a really fine splattery grungy pattern. I've looked through memories and tags here and I simply can't seem to find it, and it's really driving me up a wall.

The only details I can remember of the tutorial I know it came from is that it had some kind of masking/erasing the background and the image was of Jack Harkness(Torchwood screencap) against a grassy background. I'm pretty sure the tutorial was teaching how to make an icon, but I'm not 100%.
Anyways, those are the weird things I can remember; does anyone know that of which I speak? I'd be eternally in your favor and I promise next time I'll be sure to back up and save my presets. :)
Thanks, y'all!