evitaporter (evitaporter) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Program: PSP9
Level: Easy/medium

Go from to

1) Take this base that I just got off google>sharpen twice


2)Use your smudge tool and carefully on low opacity smoothen out her skin. Be sure to avoid her eyes and lips.

3)Duplicate>set to Screen at 100%

4)Duplicate base>drag to top>set to Soft Light at 100%

5)Create new raster layer>Fill it with a dark blue>set to exclusion at 50%

6)Create new raster layer>Fill it with #8cc088>set to burn at 35%

7)Merge all your layers

8)Goto> Adjust > Brightness&Contrast > Curves

Set Curves at

RGB: Input:158 Output102
Red: Input: 61 Output:142
Green: Input: 67 Output:111
Blue: Input 126 Output:151

9)Merge all your layers> Create new raster layer> Fill it with a dark blue (#191e31)>set to exclusion at 35%

10)Create a new layer> fill with dark peach brown (#b98071)>set to multiply at 30%

11)Duplicate the base>drag to top>set to Luminance

12)Adjust>Contrast>Bias: Darker Strength:Normal Apperance:Bold


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