Louise // Fortunate Fool (pattinsonism) wrote in icon_tutorial,
Louise // Fortunate Fool

Hello all you talented people!

I know how annoying it must be to get the same questions asked over and over again, and I apologise now if this is one of them, but I'm driving myself insane trying to get this effect perfected and I was wondering if anyone knew of a better way of doing it, or to even let me know if I'm doing it right - if I am, then I'll just continue practicing it until it looks right. :)

Anyway, on with the actual question eh?

I was looking at this beautiful batch of icons by lucius_admirer which can be found here, and this question is regarding 7, 14, 15 & 16 as they all have the lovely white light effect which I have been trying to perfect now for quite some time.

I don't think it's a light texture, although I did try that first, but if it is, I would assume that it's a custom texture of just a white light? So I wondered if it was just a "white spot" using a simple paintbrush, and then blurred and set to screen? I have been trying that method but it still.. Doesn't look right to me. Am I doing it right or is there a better way of achieving it?

I apologise again for asking a stupid question if it is one, and thankyou so much in advance to anyone who can help me :)

(I also apologise if none of that sounded very clear :P)

I use PSP8 and Photoshop 7 too by the way. :)

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