Eve (kiandra_fire) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Curved Text and Eraser Help

For as long as I've had PSP9 and saw that it could be done, I've always wanted to have curved text in my icons. So I hunted down the curved text tutorials in the memories section, but they didn't work for me. I wondered if I was just an idiot and left it at that.

Then, at the bookstore, I was thumbing through a PSP9 for Dummies book, and the book magically opened to a curved text tutorial. I thought, "Cool!" and thought about going back for the book. Today I went back and read what it had to say on curved text, came home, tried it out. It didn't work. I used PSP9's help section, but that didn't really help either. Yes, that's right. I couldn't wrap my mind around PSP9 for Dummies.

It used to be I could at least draw with the pen tool, but now the offset markings are transparent.

In short, originally, I couldn't figure out how to curve text. Now, I can't figure out why my pen tool isn't working (I have the background/filler on transparent so it won't be a bowl of color, but apparently, it turns the entire pen transparent).

Also, my eraser can no longer delete at 50%. It's either all or nothing for them. I don't think I pressed any buttons, but it's possible my Karma has decided it doesn't like me.

Thank you in advance to anyone who has ANY IDEA what's wrong with me/my program.

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