kayleigh (aclosetrebel) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Full Icon Tutorial: Spike

Go from this to

Program: PS, but translateable
Level: Intermediate

*Do not copy the whole icon. Use this technique on other images.

First thing first - to get my base I followed this tutorial from awmp (@ awmpdotnet). I also adjusted the Curves to make the shadows a little darker and the skin a little brighter. You should end up with something like this:

Set this gradient to Screen 65%. Every image is different, so mess around with it until you get something you like. (No idea who made this, tell me if you know).

Bring the base to the top and set to Soft Light. You'll get something like this:

Merge your layers.

Now, add a new layer and select a strip on the far left and fill with a pattern. I used a pattern by hybrid-genesis. Pick a pattern that is similar to your color scheme.

Create a new layer underneath that pattern and select a strip on the far left that will overlap and fill it with a similar, but darker color. For this, I used #B46210. Because it's underneath the pattern layer, it won't overlap it. Instead, it'll just look like a thinner strip right next to it. You'll end up with this:

Add this border (by me) and set to Screen.

So now your layers should be: base, gradient, base Soft Light, brown-orange strip, pattern strip, white border.

You're done!

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