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Bright, Sharp, Pink Icon Tutorial

I noticed that a lot of my icons were muted and green or blue in color so I wanted to create an icon that was bright and pinkish. I liked the result so I tried to retrace my steps.

It is simply going from this to with Adobe Photoshop CS but it should translate to PSP pretty well.

First I started out with an image of Kirsten Dunst. I chose my crop, pasted it as a new image. I duplicated the base and went back and sharpened the base.
I went back to the Layer 1 copy and set it to soft light.
Then I created a new layer and filled it with #EE6881 (a pink), and set the layer to Hard Light at 20% opacity.
Next, I created a new layer and filled it with #081851 (a dark blue), which I set to Exclusion at 100% opacity.
I duplicated the sharpened base and brought it to the top, where I set it to overlay at 100% opacity. This is Layer 1 Copy 2.
Over that I created a new layer, filled it with #F4AA8B (a tanish gold), and set it to color burn at 100% opacity.
Now I went to Select All, copy merged, and pasted it on top of everything else. Then I desaturated it. In PSP you can just go to the "Color" menu, select "grey scale", copy that layer, and paste it in place of the merged layer.
I set this desaturated layer to hard light at 80% opacity.
I took this texture and set it between the blue layer and Layer 1 Copy 2 and set it to hard light. I smudged away anything that looked bad. (To make the texture, I took a texture I had made and put a layer of #EE6881 over it on color and 80% opacity. I merged them and saved it.)
Now I took an eraser brush set at 30% opacity and erased the background parts on both Layer 1 Copy 2 and the desaturated layer.
Now I added the text. I took the font tool set on White Horses, 12 pt, 100 kerning, #EA4F69, 100% opacity, and typed "Butterfly". (edit: The font is from Here in My Head.)
I took the font tool set on White Horses, 4 pt, 75 kerning, #EA4F69, 100% opacity, and typed "they love you framed and dried"
Finally I took the the butterfly brush (under Special Effect Brushes) and turned off all the options on it. I used the color #EA4F69 and placed a butterfly on a layer beneath the text. I set the layer to 40% opacity.

(edit: This should clarify layer order)

Here are some other examples:


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