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I finally got around to making another tutorial. I'm using Corel Painter 8 but everything I used translates in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro or whatever you have (well, not Paint...) Here we go from

Okay, so we start with our base image, this screen shot courtesy of Distant Horizon. Resize and crop it to your liking and you're ready to begin with this:

First step is to eliminate your very dark areas. I used this texture, flipped horizontally set to screen (100%) and then erased most of the general areas that were already light enough.

Now duplicate your base and desaturate it ONLY 50%. Pull that to the top and set it to overlay at 50%. Then duplicate you base again and desaturate this one completely. Set it to hard light (100%) and drag it so that it's ontop of the overlay base to get this:

It still looks awful, I know. But now we get to fix that by adding the following texture and setting it to screen (100%).

Almost there, now take our desaturated base, duplicate it, and set it to overlay (100%). Place that on top and then get this gradient. Set it to blend mode lighten (100%) to get the full effect.

I used the font type 'LaineDaySH'to type "Instant Music" ( lyric credit to The Pillows <3 ) in pink and had the font opacity set to 55%. And you're done! Below are the layers, feel free to comment and/or show me what you made. : )

(off-topic I know, but has anyone else ever found it ironic that the lj spell check does not recognize the word 'lj'?)

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