Rebekah in the Rain (teneraestnox) wrote in icon_tutorial,
Rebekah in the Rain

Orlando Bloom!! *squees*

Learn how to make this icon! Using Photoshop CS2, but I'm sure it translates...


Start out with your base cropped down to 100x100 pixels
Duplicate the base layer and set it to screen. 100% opacity.
Duplicate the screen layer and change the setting to soft light. 100% opacity.
Duplicate the soft light layer and desaturate it. Image > Adjust > Desaturate, OR Shift - Ctrl - U. 100% opacity.
Okay, select the canvas (Ctrl-A) and press (Shift-Ctrl-C) to copy the merged layers. And paste it above the other four. Now go to Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Select a Radius of about 1 pixel. Set that layer to Darken and adjust the opacity as necessary to make it look natural, but still soft. I settled at 67%.
Now I start to adjust the coloring a little bit. If you've never worked with curves, I suggest taking a look at this guide. It's how I learned how to use them. Curves Tutorial. Anyhow, this layer I just adjusted the light/dark ratio a little bit. My Settings. 100% opacity.
On a new curves layer, I adjusted to add more red to the image. My Settings. 86% opacity. But you can adjust that as you see fit.
Once again, new layer. My Settings. 100% opacity.
Ahem. Last curves layer, yay! My Settings. 56% opacity - I wanted it there, but not so overpowering. Adjust these as you see fit.
Select the canvas again (Ctrl - A) and on a new layer go to Edit > Stroke with Width: 1px, Color: black, Location: inside. And now you're done! Feel free to add any text to the side if you like.

I hope you learned something. Feel free to grab the icon. Just credit teneraestnox. I'm positively in love with it. =)

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