myown_microcosm (myown_microcosm) wrote in icon_tutorial,

First tutorial, hope it's okay.

It's for an icon I made a while ago, so sorry if it's not exact.

We're going from This picture to this:Image hosting by Photobucket

I use photoshop 7.0, but it's probably translatable.

Okay so we start with This picture of model Alex Bardenfleth.

1. Crop, Resize.

2. Sharpen once, and blur just the skin on a setting of 12%.

3. Take the burn tool and outline the eyes a few times, until it gets to a point you like.

Image hosting by Photobucket

4. Create a new layer, and pick a color for the eyes [I used 113D5C or something similar] color in the irises, and set this layer to multiply on 100%

Image hosting by Photobucket

5. Create a new layer and pick a hair color, [I used something like 27221B] set to hard light at 50%

Image hosting by Photobucket

6. Create another new layer, color the skin [I used DECAB3 I think.] and the lips [E4B7C0 or something close.] set to multiply at 70%

Image hosting by Photobucket

7. Create yet another new layer, and use the same color [E4B7C0] and go over the lips again, setting this layer to color burn at 60%

Image hosting by Photobucket

8. Flatten the Image.

9. Add a texture you like, set to color burn at 60%

10.Take the eraser tool and get rid of any part over your subject.

Image hosting by Photobucket

The End!

I'd love to see what you guys come up with!

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