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This: to

This was written in Photoshop CS 2. It also assumes that you have a basic working knowledge of PS and know how to use Soft Light, Overlay, Hard Light Layers.

1) Select your base.

2) I duplicated my once and set it to Screen.

3) That doesn't quite look right to me, so I duplicated the layer again, desaturated, and set to soft light.
Desaturate Soft Light:

4) Still not quite bright enough. Create a New Layer and Fill with White. Change style to soft light.
White Soft Light :

5) Add the colorfilter texture at Hardlight.
Colorfilter texture on Hard light:

6) That is not the right color for what I was thinking of so I change the hue to –155 / -45 / 0 .
Colorfilter hue change texture on Hard light:

7) Add this texture by myownsatellite set to softlight.
Myownsaellite texture on softlight :

8) It doesn’t quite work right, because there are things covering her face, so use your eyedropper tool to select one of the reds from the texture and color over where the face is.

Myownsaellite texture on softlight red spot over face :

7) Pick your text. I chose Geisha in Trajan Pro (size 16 Bold) color white. Set to overlay.
Geisha Text on Overlay:

8) Duplicate that text Layer and set to Opacity of 60.
Geisha Text On Normal, Opacity at 60%:

9) Create a New Layer, change it to Soft light and add this border made by me in white.
Final Icon:

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