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PS7 Not Opening

I have read the memories, both of the ones about PS7 shutting down and not opening, this one and this one.

I can't do the first one because Photoshop won't let me open it to change any preferences.. and I'm sort of thinking it may have something to do with the second one, as my computer is on medium-ram, my parents do weekly de-frags, so that hasn't helped either.

Also, when I click to open it this message comes up, and I have no idea what it means, anyway I click to continue and it goes as if it's going to load, but then it just closes...

Sorry if I'm being really stupid, and believe me I hate asking questions, but I'm just missing my PS7 like crazy and my CS2 trial has expired.

Any help would be much appreciated

Edit:Problem solved, thanks noctuidae

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