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I have gone through at least 10 pages of the activity, and I have yet to find the tutorials / effects that I am looking for. I apologize if I missed it, and if I did, please direct me to where this is. I use Paintshop Pro 8, so I would really appreciate learning how to do these effects in it, or a lower/higher version of it. If it's very simple in PS, then you may tell me how to do it in that, and I'll do my best to translate it into PSP.

All avatars posted were made by _seeing_red. I would ask her for the help, but it seems asking her how she got a certain effect on 7 of her icons is rather irritating. I figured a large amount of people helping me would be more realistic.

I think this is just the multuply effect, but I can't get the right color.

Also thinking the multiply effect, but it's so bright. Any suggestions?

Once agan, same thing as the last one, but it looks so bright...and kind of different.

I don't know how to explain, but it's got a "faint vibrant" glow?

It's really vibrant, all the colors are like...BAM!

I just love how it looks.

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