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PS 7.0 Question!

I've been having trouble with saving images and simply using features in my Photoshop. I have version 7.0 and I've been using it on this computer for nearly a year now. For the last few months, I've had to copy and paste my icons/graphics into MS paint in order to save them.

I'm thinking it may be my computer, but I really don't know. Any ideas on why my photoshop freezes when I go to save images in photoshop? Or why I can't do text stroke and other effects without it freezing?

If you have any ideas please just take a moment and help me out. Thanks! I've put a few example of icons that I've saved in MS paint and the quality has been horrible under the cut, just so everyone has an idea how terrible my icons are when saved from paint.

- The quality around the text is really noticeable.

Most of my pictures are grainy and just have bad quality, all because my photoshop freezes when I try to save them through PS. Do you think I should un-install PS and then re-install it onto my computer? I'm all out of ideas. Please help if you can! Thanks!

Problem Fixed: thanks for those who commented!

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