Samira (heart_music_) wrote in icon_tutorial,

First tut

Hey guys!
this is my very first tut and I'll be teaching how to convert      to     in PS CS2

Let's begin with taking the sharpening the base. Filter >> Sharpen >> Sharpen

Then duplicate the base layer and set it to Screen, opacity 45%  

Now choose the blur tool, size 5 and blur out the face except eyes, eyebrows & lips. To make it easier, you can also press ctrl & + to zoom the pic.
Now choose the sharpen tool and sharpen the lips, pupil, earring and the flowers in her hair to make it more outstanding.

By now the pic should look like this :- 

Now make a new layer by pressing shift+ctrl+N or Layer >> New >> Layer...
Fill the layer with #d3ab88 and set it to Soft Light, opacity 100%  :-

Now make another New Layer. Choose the Gradient tool and fill it with this gradient-->  by choosing your Foreground colour to #fc08a3 and Background colour to #ffffff. Draw the Gradient from Left to right untill you like it. Make sure to choose Soft Light by opactity 24%  :-

Now choose the Text tool and type a Y by Times New Roman as text font with #ffffff as Foreground colour.
On the same layer use the sparkling brush with I found (Once you click on the image with the Brush tool the image will rasterize the layer by itself so you can use brush.) You can also type some text with Beautiful ES as font which I have ni my image.
The image should look like this by now --->

Now for the final step, duplicate the original base layer and drag it and put it right after the base layer. Under Background copy.  set it to Normal, opacity 100% 
Choose the Marquee tool and mark around the image. Go to Edit >> Stroke and in the option, choose Width: 3 px, Colour: #ffffff and Location: centre.

Atlast, the icon is finished and looks like .

Hope you enjoyed the tut!
If you dont understand anything, feel free to ask, I would be glad to help ^_^


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