i hope this song will guide you home (cemeteryromance) wrote in icon_tutorial,
i hope this song will guide you home

More vibrant, "sunny" icons?

I know this will probably be some sort of "vibrant color" tutorial... but I'm posting anyway.

I love these icons: here. I'm particularly attached to numbers 27, 29, and 44, though all of them are beautiful.

Anyway, I found one tutorial for more vibrant colors when I went back a couple of pages and attempted an icon that didn't come out so hot. I'd really love something that could come about as close as you could get to those icons. They really look very vibrant and crisp compared to the icon I made with the other tutorial.

I have PSP 7 and PS 7, but I'm more experienced with PSP 7. I'm sure I could translate easily, though.

Any help is much appreciated, of course, as I know something similar to this has probably been posted a few time before.

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