Dawn (photoholic62) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Photoshop 7 problem

Hello, I"m in need of a little advice, please. I did check memories, but did not see my problem there.

For some reason, when I try to use the File browser, Photoshop just shuts down on me. It didn't start suddenly. It began quite some time ago, and with just one particular folder. I figured that folder had too many images in it, so I split it up and it worked fine. But now, slowly over time, it will shut down any time I try to open any folder with file browser, it makes no difference if ther is 1 or 100 images in the folder.

I've been using Photoshop for about 9 years, and have learned a few work-arounds.

I am not low on ram, or hardrive space.

I defrag weekly. I check for spyware daily, and I run virus check weekly, sometimes more often. I have reset my preferences.

I am stumped. Actually, it would be OK if I could just retrain myself to NOT use the file browser, but inevitably, I forget, then crash, and loose my work since the last save. (Fortunately, I save often and more often, but it is still annoying.)

Any advice would be delightful, thanks in advance.

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