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Make A David Hewlett Icon In 13 Steps

Go from this to this:

BTW, I use PSP7, and this is my first tutorial.

1. I took this screencap of David Hewlett from the 1990 movie Where The Heart Is.

2. I created a new 100 X 100 image on PSP, pasted my screencap as a new layer, and resized and moved the photo until I was happy with the picture placement and basic look.

3. Next, I sharpened the picture, dupicated that layer, and sharpened my copy layer twice. I erased around David's cheeks and chest, while avoiding the eyes and lips. I then merged all layers.

4. I brightened the image next. I went under colors -> adjust -> brightness / contrast. I set brightness on 15 and percentage contrast on 10.

5. Because the image still appeared dark, I repeated step 4.

6. I duplicated the layer three times. I set the first one (the closest to the original) to 'multiply', the second to 'screen', and the third to 'soft light'.

7. Under 'layers', I selected 'layer 3 - copy of copy of merged'. I went under colors -> adjust -> hues / saturation / lightness. I set saturation to -50.

8. I took this brush from a set by dj43. You can find them here:

I copied and pasted this brush as a new layer, moved the layer to the top, and set it on 'multiply' at 80%. I moved the layer until the inner box framed his beautiful face.

9. I merged all layers, duplicated, and set that new layer to 'exclusion' on 15%.

10. I took this brush from somebody, but I can't recall where. If anybody knows who made this, please let me know so I can credit them.

I copied and pasted this brush as a new layer. I flipped the image, set it on 'multiply', and duplicated the layer.

11. I then took this brush - again, I'd like to know whose it is so I can credit:

I copied and pasted this brush as a new layer, which I set to 'multiply'.

12. I duplicated that layer and flipped it.

13. I made a new image, flooded it black, and wrote 'Angellic' in white text in the font 'Love'. Using the magic wand, I selected the black. I then went under selections -> modify -> expand, and expanded the field by 1. Next, I went under selections -> modify -> feather, and feathered by 5. I copy merged, and pasted the text onto my icon. I positioned the text the way I thought looked best, and set the layer opaqity to 45.

If you want to use this particular icon, please credit 'dearjoanwallace' in the keywords. You don't have to credit me for using this tutorial. Also, please don't use any of the icons I personally use at all - including the one I'm using to make this post. Thanks!

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