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Aqua Alexis With Curves

Go from this to .

This tutorial was created with Photoshop CS and I am not sure how it will translate into Paintshop Pro. It includes masks and curves, but in a very basic manner. I used the same method to make a banner and the only additional step was blending two similar images together (I overlapped them and trimmed off the excess with a feathered lasso tool).

First, I choose my crop and resize it down to 100px. Sharpen it once if you like.
The next part is fun with curves. Like so many things in Photoshop, they are wonderful aids once you get use to them. All of these settings were chosen after a lot of tweaking and modifying. Different images will require different settings. I went to "Layer" -> "New Adjustment Layer" -> "Curves". Click OK when the layer box pops up, which will bring up the curves box. Make sure the squiggly tool is selected. For each setting, select an area on the line and fill in the input/output settings. When you are done set this layer on "Soft Light".
RPG (33,50) (66,107) (101,170) (142,216) (181,234)
Red (62,97) (115,133) (142,183)
Green (115,153)
Blue (158,89) (219,139)
Next, create a new layer, fill it with #FBF5D7 (a peach), and set the layer to "Linear Burn". Now I go to the bottom of the layer palette and add a mask (the square with the circle in the middle). The mask allows me to erase the peach away from everything that isn't her face or hair without having to undo anytime I want to change something. When the mask is engaged, the color palette will change to black and white. Black "covers" the layer and white "reveals" it.
I decided to make her lips pop a bit, so create a new layer and with a very small brush, cover her lips with #B4889A (a pink), Set the layer to "Color Burn" and 65% opacity.
Now take a copy of the base, drag it to the top, and set it on "Screen".

To jazz up the background create a layer, choose a brush (Photography from Aethereality) with the color set on #B4889A (a blue), and erase anything on Alexis. Set this layer to overlay.
To finish up the coloring, I add a layer of #88C4C5 (aquamarine) and set it to "Soft Light".
Under the aqua layer but above the brush layer, I add the text. The text is "Simply" set on Cooper, 11pt, -50 kerning, #0A0818, and "the best" set on Cooper, 8pt, 0 kerning, #0A0818.

To make the text stand out I chose a default brush (Heavy Smear Wax Crayon under Dry Media Brushes) sent on #F1F5E9. I smeared it on a layer under the text. Now the icon is complete.


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