evitaporter (evitaporter) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Just a simple tutorial today. A "pop art" style thats easier then most. Maybe not as flashy but eh, take it or leave it. Feed my ego and review!


Go from to or

1)Start out with this base cropped and resized to 100x100


2)Sharpen twice.

3)Carefully using the soften tool (hardness:50 Opacity:33) on Audrey's skin. Avoid her eyes, lips. teeth and nostrals.

4)Duplicate base>set on soft light 100%

5)Create new layer>flood fill with a dark blue (#252939)>Set to exclusion

6)Duplicate base again>drag to the top>set to Overlay

7)Copy Merge>Paste

8)Adjust>Color Balance ... adjust to whatever looks good.


10)Paste this gradient on the top>Se to Multiply 82%

11)Carefully erase around Audrey, doesnt have to be perfect.

12)Effects>Artistic Effects>Halftone

13)Carefully, and of your own choosing erase carefully a bit more a bigger border

15)For a bighter version Duplicate the Gradient and set to saturation


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