Miss Cherie. (cherry_pops) wrote in icon_tutorial,
Miss Cherie.

Icon Tutorial: Brighten w/ Soft Light Pink Layer

Made in Photoshop CS - can be translated.

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I'm using this icon base of Jessica Simpson during this tutorial. These methods can also be used on larger images when you want to use them in blends and collages.

1. Prepare the icon base by automatically levelling - Image >> Adjustments >> Auto Levels

2. Duplicate the image three times. Your layers palette should look like this:

3. Set the blending modes of the layers in the following way:

layer 1 - screen, 30% opacity
layer 2 - soft light, 100% opacity
layer 3 - soft light, 10% opacity

4. Sharpen Layer 2 and desaturate - Filter >> Sharpen >> Sharpen and Image >> Adjustments >> Desaturate.

5. Add a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and fill with the colour #FFCCCC. Set this layer's blend mode to soft light at 70% opacity.

6. Flatten the image, Layer >> Flatten Image or add more effects.


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