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Dan Phantom "Unrecogniseable" Tutorial [Photoshop 7.0]

My first tutorial ^_^ It's pretty basic, but I'm prety sure that at least somebody will like it! You don't need to know too much about Photoshop to do this, just enough to hopefully know what I'm talking about ^_^ I'm pretty sure that this is translateable, too.

I'm going from this and this to , using screencaps from Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy.

1) Resize the first listed image (so that the height is 100 pixels) and place it on a canvas (or make it the bottom layer. It's all up to you).

2) Place the other picture on top of the other one as a new layer (no resizing was done). Set it to lighten at 33%.

3) Duplicate layer 1 and drag it to the top. Set it to lighten at 100%.

4) New layer on top. fill it with #FF0000 (R: 255). Set it to hue at 100%.

5) Another new layer on top filled with the same color (#FF0000 [R: 255]). Set this layer to soft light at 58%.

6) Duplicate layer 1 and drag it to the top. Set it to darken at 100%.

*The following is optional*

7) Now, on to text. I used the font "ernest" (available at dafont.com) at 10 pixels size and color #FFFFFF (in other words...white.). I thought that the phrase "unrecogniseable" fit nicely.

8) To get the thin black border around the letters, I add an outer glow to the text layer (for those with limited Photoshop knowledge, I held the control button and clicked on the text layer on the layer sidebar. I go to "blending options", and then click on "outer glow" [the phrase, not just the check, so that it takes me to the menu]). I set the blend mode to normal, the opacity to 100%, the spread to 100%, and the size to 1 pixel. Use whatever color you'd like ^_^

And so...there you go! If you actually make something with this tutorial, please show me!

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