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Go from this to

Might not be Dial-Up friendly

Note: I'm using Paint Shop Pro 6 because my computer is old, so some of the filters and toolbars I use might not be in the same place as newer versions of PSP and PS.

First, choose your base, I used this one of Rosamund Pike scanned by scanky_chops. Crop it and resize it as you like

Next, go to Image >> Sharpen >> Unsharp Mask and use these settings
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Then, apply this gradient:

By now, your image should look along the lines of this

Personally, I thought the burn darkened it a lot more then I thought it would, so I duplicated the base image and set it to Screen at 100%

Much better, now to add some text. This is where it might get a little bit tricky.

I typed PARK in Arial Black, size 3 with 300 Kerning in black, then I duplicated the layer. Convert only your TOP text layer to a raster layer, then re-highlight your vector layer below.

Now go to your Vector Object Selection tool. (The last icon for me on my palette) Right Click-Properties

It should take you to your text entry box. Which is where you can change the color of your text to white, instead of black.

Your icon and layer palette should look like this now:

Now you can convert your final vector layer to a raster layer.

Now, to make the effect of the text stand out. Select your white layer of text and go to Image >> Blur >> Motion Blur

Adjust your settings as such:

Duplicate that layer three times and you're finished!

Your final outcome:

If you have trouble with the vector selection tool, the effect will be the same if you just make two text layers, making one black and one white, just make sure that the white layer is on the bottom, and it's exactly in place below the black layer.

Questions? Comments? Just leave a comment below! I want to see what you come up with. It's fairly linear, but hopefully the text makes for some creativity :D

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