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[tutorial] full icon, frame, texture

IMAGE AND TIME INTENSIVE. you will be learning how to make that frame in the icon. and if you're so inclined, you will also learn how to make the texture in the background. :D make sure you can make selections with the pen tool and navigate curves and the color balance tools. i use photoshop cs2. subject matter are shige, kusano, and uchi of the japanese boyband NEWS.
before: after:

step 01: resize the image so it fits on your canvas. i resized this image to 33%. then i centered it~if you're going to center it and you're really fickle about details, make sure that the dimensions are even numbers. underneath the base, make sure you have a white background.

step 02: unsharp mask (filter>sharpen>unsharp mask). i used 66%, radius 0.8, threshold 0. i'm not exactly sure what all this means, but using the preview option, i can play around and see what looks good. :P

step 03: let's play with curves (ctrl+M)! lately i've really liked making things kind of green. play around with it.
RGB/ input: 146 output: 164
Red/ input: 155 output: 153
Green/ input: 149 output: 158
Blue/ input: 137 output: 150

step 04: i'm going for a nostalgic feel. duplicate the base. desaturate it (ctrl+shift+U). set it to soft light, 100% opacity. this washes out the icon without totally turning it grayscale.
step 05: they look kind of deathly pale though. so let's fix that. between the base and the soft light layer, floodfill a layer with #FFEDD9. set it to multiply, 75%.
step 06: you'll notice that the white areas of your icon are now pink. erase the parts of the multiply layer that aren't covering the picture.

step 07: this'll be fun. i made the frame by myself. here's the image i used.

i chose a part of it with the pen tool.

select it and cut it out and paste it onto your icon, on a new layer, of course. you'll notice that it is not straight. rotate it (ctrl+T) until it's close enough.

it's kind of...big. so i cut it down. that also keeps the edges niceee and neat. :D

you'll notice that i took the frame and put it OVER the picture. because the picture was barely narrow enough to fit on the canvas (it's 68x96), if i don't do that, the fram will fall off the icon and look ugly. besides, it's not like their shoulders are important.

step 08: so how do we turn this into a frame? well, you have the left part of it. duplicate that layer and rotate it 90 degrees CW so that you can turn it into the top part of the frame. duplicate and rotate again to make the right side, and one more time to make the bottom.

step 09: ..yeah, it looks kind of bad, huh? erase parts of the frame that don't fit right. also, watch carfully in the corners. the different parts of the frame meet there. my frame is a little lighter on the inside than it is on the outside, so if i don't make that match up, it'll be ugly.

once you get to that point, merge the frame together (ctrl+E)

step 10: unsharp mask the frame. i used almost the same settings as before. 75%, 0.8 radius, 0 threshold.

..for mine, at this point, i thought my frame was too dark. so i went and did steps 7 thru 10 allll over again, this time using more of the light gray part of the stock image. so from now on in the tutorial, don't be worried if the frame looks a little different. :D

step 11: i learned how to make these neat textures using this tutorial by awmp. so i'll direct you there instead of repeating everything.

it's kind of really bland and doesn't even look like a freaking texture (it was my first attempt at a texture, but we can make it work!). so change the color balance (ctrl+B)
shadows -44, +47 -4
midtones -39, +23, -22
highlights +2, -8, -5
again. i just played around with it until i was relatively happy.
also did curves (ctrl+M).
RGB/ input: 171 output: 166
Red/ input: 164 output: 170
Green/ input: 145 output: 177
Blue/ input: 161 output: 166
put it underneath the base and then sharpen it using the unsharp mask. 90%, 3.8 radius, 0 threshold.

step 12: duplicate the texture and put it on top of everything. set it to soft light, 50%.
step 13: the frame still looks dark to me, so i lowered it's opacity to 75%.

step 14: now for text! i put the text layers between the base and the multiply layer. times new roman, pt. 6, 300 tracking, crisp. "sayaendou". it is the ending song, and their latest single, to the new 'one piece' movie for those of you who follow anime. unless you're into them or the cartoon, i doubt it's meaning means anything to you. :D
step 15: times new roman, pt. 1, 1600 tracking, crisp for the small text. it's just "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx". sharpened the small text cuz it was bleh (filter>sharpen>sharpen).

step 16: omg. we are done. there is no step 16.

let's compare it to the original that i did before~

hey now, that isn't too bad. if you get confused along the way, here are the layers.

Hope it helped you and you liked it. If I forgot to mention something or if you got confused, don't hesitate at all to yell at me or ask for help. :) Btw, please do not make the exact same icon and then pass it off as your own. This also means do not do all the exact same effects with an icon of a different picture. Have fun with it~use a different texture! Use a different color scheme! Let those creative juices flow and all that jazz. :D

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