Beatface. (mindlessdork) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Saving Animated Icons

Question: Saving Animated Icons in Jasc Animation Shop.

Now, I'm an experienced icon maker. And I've made animated icons before, but I don't make them often. Mostly because they tend to come out with bad quality. I made some animated icons from Detroit Rock City and I REALLY don't want the quality to turn out bad.

I did briefly skim through the memories. But even if the answer to my question is hidden in there, I'd much prefer a straight on answer to the way I phrase it. Then I know the answer is exactly what I need-and I hope you all can understand that because I get equally annoyed when pesky people ask questions which have been answered before.

So the question is this:
When saving in Jasc Animation Shop, what optimization settings are best to use?

There's a customize button, and I think mine must be set badly...because my animations always come out like crap. And if it gets screwed up...well, I can't unsave it. And I'm sure many of you understand the frustration which comes with that. (That's why I'm being precacious, and also why I have each frame copied into PSP.) Thanks to anyone that can help, and I'd appreciate an immediate response. :)

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