svim'mel-het (svimmelhet) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Neville Icon

So, today we're going to be going from this to using PS7 (not sure how translatable this is). This is my first tutorial, so please tell me if you have any concrit or confusion. I hope anyone (even beginners) should be able to understand this!

1- Use an unsharpen mask on the image (amount 45, radius 1.7, threshold 3) before we even crop the base.

2- Crop and resize.

3- Use the loop tool to surround areas that need to be sharped again (like the face, primarily). I used the same unsharpen mask for the eyes and mouth twice rather than doing the entire face.

4- New layer, #0B2947. Exclusion 100%

5- New layer, #E1BA83. Darken 100%.

6- Duplicate base, bring to top, set at soft light 100%. Merge layers.

7- Using the loop tool, carefully trace all around Neville. Copy this.

8- New layer, on top, paste your traced Neville.

9- Double click your top layer and this should pop up. Click the stroke box, then ok.

10- Now you should see this. Double click where it says stroke, and you should see this. Fill in your width, and color. I am choosing white with four pixels. If you have some extra background around Neville, just use your eraser tool to get rid of it, the stroke will not erase, so don' worry about it.

11- You should now have .

12- Copy and paste from here@77words onto a middle layer between your base and your stroke/Neville top layer (you're going to be ignoring the base layer from now on, so you can do whatever you'd like with that!).

13- Using the blue and peach-like colors from above, create two new layers and fill one with blue, exclusion, then one with peach, darken- both 100%. Set this above the texture, but below stroke/Neville.

14- Text, put on new layer if it doesn't automatically do it for you. I'm using 'neville', written in Dyspepsia (36pt-sharp). Double click yout text layer, click stroke then ok. Double click stroke and fill in your width and color. I am using black text, white stroke, two pixels. Move around your text until you find a place you like it.

15- I like to add borders, so if you'd like to then make a new layer, select all the image, edit->stroke. Fill in your width, opacity, and color here. I used black, one pixel, 25%.


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