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I couldn't find anything on this and I wasn't really sure if I could post this here, so if this is the wrong place, please tell me and I'll delete the entry.

Anyhoo, I downloaded the KH intro to make some more icons for my icon post; I'm playing it in WMP and taking screenshots, screenshot atm. :S But I've taken one and pasted it in photoshop, but the thing is, I'm trying to cut out the main picture of Sora; and get rid of the whole WMP background. But it's acting as if there's two layers. Let me try to describe this...

If I zoom out, you can't see Sora at all - if I zoom in, he starts to move into the picture. If I click move and move it all around, it's only moving the windows media player stuff and then hiding Sora, but if I move it like all of the screen, sora disappears anyway. It's really frustrating, cause I really don't get what's going on.

Also, if I zoom in and select Sora and then copy/cut it into a new document, it turns out as just like a black block. Except just after another try, it got the picture and somehow got a huge black block that I didn't select on the side (no idea), and I move that but..I can't even describe it. I just put it into a bigger document and moved it again, and as I move it around it gets more of the actual screenshot into it, and as I move it down it gets rid of Sora and gets the sea in the image instead. It's acting as if it's still the full screenshot..but..REALLY messed up. I'm probably not making sense, but if anyone actually knows what I mean and can help I'd love you forever. *cough*


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