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Dial-up user friendly.
Go from this to or

1. Crop Your Screencap to desired 100x100 pixels.

2. Duplicate background layer, twice.
3. Sharpen both duplicates & set them to screen.
4. Lower the first duplicate background's opacity to 80%. Leave the second at 100%.
5. Create new raster layer. Flood fill it with #1b4050. Set to Exclusion 32%.
6. New Raster layer. Flood fill with #3c4a4a. Set it to Overlay 66%.
7. New Raster layer (number 3). Flood fill with #5f331d. Set to Exclusion 20%.
8. New raster (4), flood fill with #756b5b. Set to Soft Light 29%.
9. New Raster (5), flood fill with #f0d4a5. Set to Multiply 70%.
10. New raster (6), flood fill #d0b297, set to Multiply 80%,
11. New Raster (7), flood fill #1e90ff, set to Overlay 30%.
STOP HERE if you only want the coloring.
12. New raster. Use Rectangular Selection tool. Create small rectangular selection somewhere off to the right. Flood fill it with #151e1f & set it to screen 100%. I chose
13. Add a vector layer and use the text tool to write your text. (font I used: violation).
14. Flatten layers.
15. Duplicate background layer & sharpen. Set to Hardlight 40%.
16. Flatten & Save.
Final Product:

Tutorial © Purpleseahorse [at] livejournal [dot] com OR Turkey Penises
Do not redistribute or claim as your own.
*resources entry.

Tutorial made in Paint Shop Pro 9 -- hopefully translatable.
Please comment and show me what you made with it. :)

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