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PS Tutorial → Header/Banner

Hi, second tutorial ever. Hope it's ok!

Go from this to this in Photoshop CS, possibly translatable.

Image heavy, and should be ok for beginners, I'm a bit of an explanation freak.

First, we start out with this image.

(Click for full size)

Crop it however you like. I also resized it to 75% of its original size because I felt it was too big, then I sharpened it once.

I went to Image >> Adjustments >> Hue/Saturation and desaturated the base -25.
Then I went to Image >> Adjustments >> Brightness/Contrast and contrasted the base +10
I copied the base once (Ctrl + J) and desaturated it -100, and set it to Screen 100%

I then opened this texture (By inxsomiax) and dragged it on top of the base, using the bottom part of it to cover the base.

I didn't like the white part at the top, so with the rectangle tool, I selected and copied part of the bottom part of the texture. I then dragged it up top to cover the white part, like so.

Because it was too sharp, I decided to feather it. I selected the bottom part of the image on the layer with the texture covering the white, and went to Select >> Feather and set the feather radius to 30, then pressed backspace 3 times before I felt it had blended enough.

Then, I set the texture to Overlay 100%.

I decided it was too green for my tastes, so I desaturated the texture -50.

Before typing out the text, I made another layer, then used the rectangle tool and just selected a part of the picture I liked. I then floodfilled the rectangle with #009488 and set it to Multiply.

For the actual text, I typed in "Bleach" in the font Black Family >> Plain Black (Found on DaFont) and added a drop shadow with these settings using a sandy color I used the dropper tool to pick from the image.

I then added "Chasing a dream" in the font Neverwinter (Found on DaFont) and used the same sandy color to add a drop shadow with the exact same settings as I used with "Bleach".

Annnnd your finished result!

Your layers palette should look something like this:

I hope you liked it and it helped in some way! This is outlining what I myself did, but it's really just a guideline, and of course things would be different according to what image you're working with.

Comments and feedback make me not eat babies. :)

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