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Another Tutorial

Hey, this is my second tutorial, hope you like it.

We'll be going from this to this:

1) Crop your image down. Then duplicate the base and set it to colour dodge. It should look like this:

2) Go to Filter->Sharpen->Unmasked Sharpen (think the standard settings are okay)
3) Make a new layer and will it with #1F476F. Set to soft light 100 %
4) Add another layer, fill it with #E47EDE. Set to softlight 30 %
5) Now go to Layer->New Adjustment Layer->Brightness/Contrast and set the Brightness to -7 and Contrast to +9
6) Add another layer, set to Color Dodge 100 % and make a blob on Pipers arm or wherever you want to. I used #E47EDE for the blob, but you can use what you want.
7) Add text (I used CAC Pinafore for a little “ehm” beside Page) and rotate it a bit.

Now we’re finished and your Icon should look like this:

- Credit
- Don't hotlink
- Don't blame yours
- Comments are love (maybe with your results?)
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