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New Tutorial! PSP8/AS3 ( I think it works in PS7 as well? )

Ok. This Tutorial is for burnxscarecrow to learn from. But I decided that I should share it with others.

We're going to learn how to make this Icon:

I thought I'd teach you how to make this kind because you seem to want to know how to: Colorize, Animate, and Text it.

First step is to start out with this Picture/Base:

And Crop it down to a 100x100 image:

Next you need to create a new layer ABOVE your new base Like so:

Now you should have this :

YAY!!! You've gotten this far! Yay! : pats you on the head and throws you a bone :

The next step is that you need to FILL this layer with this color:

Then go to your new Raster layer and fill that in with the color and now your icon should look like this:

Set that layer to Darken:

Then we're going to put this Border on it (I'll send it to you later on AIM or something Aaron :D, so it's not all blue inside ), on our icon:

Our Icon should look like this:

Now when adding Text you want to create a new Raster Layer UNDERNEATH the border, mk?

So it looks like this now:

I used the font: Dirty Headline at size 6 (I used size 5 in the others I think ) using the words "I surrender all control" make sure you type in all caps!

Now to make our font stand out more we're going to color UNDERNEATH our font layer in the same color we filled that other raster with, now make a new layer underneath all your font and color only underneath the letters like so:

Yay! We made our main Icon! Now delete your layer that you wrote on and the one you colored on under the text and re-text it with this:

You can also put 'ME WHOLE' on another one if you want to have three ones to animate.

Now we're going to start to animate it in Animation Shop 3 which came with my Paint Shop Pro 8

We'll put both those Icons in the same animation like so:

Now to make the black fading effect we're going to make a new frame and fill it with black, and place that before and after the two icons like so:

Before we start to put our Fade Effects in you'll need to set the Time for each frame like so:

Black Frames: 5 sec
Achilles Frames: 200 sec

Now onto to the Fading effect:

Click on the first Achilles Frame>> Effects >> Image Transition >> Fade >> 2 frames per second >> ok

and now click the two fading frames and set those times to : 5 sec.

Then click on the FIRST black frame and do the same thing.

Next click on the second Achilles frame before the last black frame and do the transition there as well.

Now look! We have a new icon! Yay! And it's only 27k well under LJs limits!

Good job and this is your finished product:

Some other Icons that I've made using this technique: (sharable, credit!)

I hope this helped someone, like burnxscarecrow ^_^. And anyone else who read this.

Please comment! This is my first tutorial and hopefully someone can learn from it !!!

Mods: Please add this to the Archives A.S.A.P. ^_^


<3 Heather
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